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Full of awesome features

CloudCom CRM as great features that will simplify all your sales activity.

Automate your lead collection

Lead collection becomes easier by integrating any applications with CloudCom CRM and collect accurate leads quickly and securely.

Easy & faster lead collection

Collect right leads from right applicants

Connect with 1000+ applications

Achieve targets easy

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Better communicate using contacts

Communicate easily with your contacts, customers and leads directly from the CRM to save your time.

Easy customer communication

Import & Export your leads easily

Email, Call & SMS to your customers and leads​

Connect with customers directly

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BIAS segments

Organize your contacts into accounts

Manage your accounts with advanced filterations and automation

Classify your contacts with accounts

Identify your hot leads easily

Import and Export your accounts seemlessly

Track your daily calls and emails

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Monitor all your services from customers

Have all of your record in sales and services organized in one application

Track your sales and services

Identify your hot leads easily

Easy navigation for your team

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BIAS components

Automated Mailing System

Build personal relation with customers by marketing your company into their inbox with ease

Email template builder

Email template builder

Email campaigns

Ad campaigns

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Social media management

Manage your social media updates notifications posts and track every information you need

Social connect

Web traffic

Lead Capture Widget

Review Management

Live Chat

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Best CRM To Power Your Entire Company

We only call it a CRM because that’s the closest word that exists. But really it’s closer to a
self navigating rocket ship for compete marketing automation.

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