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All In One Workflow For Your Sales

The CloudCom BIAS CRM is built to help your sales thrive

Full Of Awesome Features

CloudCom CRM has amazing features that will simplify your sales activity

Automate Your Lead Collection

Lead collection becomes easier by integrating application with the Cloudcom BIAS CRM. You are able to collect leads quickly and securely.

  • Easy, Fast Lead Collection
  • Collect the right leads for your business
  • Connect 1000+ applications
  • Achieve Targets easily

Better Communication Using Contacts

Communicate easily with your contacts, customers and leads directly through the CRM and save time

  • Easy, customer communication
  • Import and Export Leads quickly
  • Email, Call and SMS your clients right from the CRM
  • Directly connect to your customers no hassle

Organize Your Contacts Into Accounts

Manage your accounts with advanced filtration and automation.

  • Classify your contacts with accounts
  • Identify your hot leads immediately
  • Import and Export your accounts seamlessly
  • Track your daily calls and emails

Monitor all your services from customers

have all of your records in sales and services organized in one application

  • Track your sales and services
  • Identify your hot leads easily
  • Easy navigation for your team

Automated Mailing System

Build personal relationships with customers by marketing your company to their inbox with ease

  • Email template builder
  • Email campaigns
  • Ad campaigns

Social Media Management

Manage your social media updates, notifications, posts, and track all of the information pertinent to your clients

  • Social Connect
  • Web traffic
  • Lead Capture widget
  • Review Management
  • Live Chat

What Our Customers Say

Hear from our satisfied clients and trusted companies from around the world

"I used to have a bunch of different tools I paid for, with Cloudcom, you get everything in one bundle"

– Michael Aagaard

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